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Harmonie magazine 30
Harmonie n°30 (Décembre 1997)

Arena, XII Alfonso, Ayreon, Twin Age, Grandbell, Pallas, Gerard, The Wishing Tree, interview Steve Rothery, Quidam, Ars Nova, interview Lemur Voice, interview Porcupine Tree, ...
Harmonie magazine 29
Harmonie n°29 (Juin 1996)

Elend, interview Galaad, Algaravia, interview Andy Latimer (Camel), Angra, interview Ritual, interview Aeyron, ...
Harmonie magazine 28
Harmonie n°28 (Février 1996)

ProgFest 1995, Ritual, Collage, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Spock's Beard, Aufklarung, Time Machine, interview Shadow Gallery, Le Rock Progressif sur Internet, Braindance, interview Lee Saunders, Pendragon, Ageness, ...
Harmonie magazine 27
Harmonie n°27 (Novembre 1995)

Lee Saunders, interview Steve Rothery (Marillion), Saga, interview Pendragon, Trace, Yes tribute CD, Cliffhanger, ...
Harmonie magazine 26
Harmonie n°26 (Juillet 1995)

Ageness, Solar Project, White Willow, The Third & The Mortal, Ciro Perrino, interview Euan Lowson (Pallas), interview Anekdoten, Finch, Annie Haslam, Marco Antonio Araujo, Hawkwind, interview Magellan, Landberk, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Shadow Gallery, ...
Harmonie magazine 25
Harmonie n°25 (Mars 1995)

- épuisé -

Interview Echolyn, Afterglow, Gandalf, Peter Hammill, Cairo, Arena, The Cast, Hawkwind, interview Alan Parsons, Notturno Concertante, Tisaris, Mia, interview Philippe Mottée (Naos), Versailles, ...
Harmonie magazine 24
Harmonie n°24 (Décembre 1994)

Prog Made in USA, interview Kalaban, Dan Ar Braz, Par Lindh, Dracma, Collage, High Wheel, Kaizen, Quaterna Requiem, Cye, Quasar, Porcupine Tree, Anglagard, Mad Crayon, Jasun Martz, ...
Harmonie magazine 23
Harmonie n°23 (Août 1994)

Interview Fish, Clepsydra, Manticore, Fairy, Abalip, Alchimie, Carpe Diem, Marillion, Atomic Rooster, Jadis, Pendragon, Eclat, Versailles, interview Enchant, Glass Hammer, Christian Décamps & Fils, ...
Harmonie magazine 22
Harmonie n°22 (Mars 1994)

Pink Floyd, Marillion, Yes, Pendragon, Romantic Warriors, interview Galaad, Asturias, Illuvatar, Christian Décamps & Fils, Chance, Halloween, Kerrs Pink, ...
Harmonie magazine 21
Harmonie n°21 (Novembre 1993)

Malibran, Anekdoten, Magellan, iQ, O'terao, Steve Howe, Strangers On A Train, Marcus Viana, Robert Berry, Desequilibrios, Calliope, Anglagard, Musea and Kaliphonia labels, ...

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